art group and fashion brand HӖRACHA was created in st. petersburg by isenkkel and vella akhtimer. the group's field of study are contemporary art and fashion design. the area of ​​interest include the chuvash traditional culture, technology, hybrid art. the artists explore the theme of self-identification in the global world and other existential problems. they work in such mediums as clothing, installation, video and sound.

"hĕracha" means "a girl" in chuvash language. in their work, designers are inspired by the chuvash culture: costume, traditions, fairy tales and myths; they deconstruct it and place the newly assembled elements into a romantic futuristic reality.


2024 Catwalk, Kazakhstan Fashion Week, Kazakhstan, Almaty
2023 «New generation – OPEN WAY» contest, Kazakhstan Fashion Week, Grand Prix (1st Place Winner), Almaty
2023 Open Fashion Category, Hand and Lock Prize, 1st Place Winner, London
2023 Group exhibition «Hand & Lock Prize», OMNI Gallery, London
2023 Catwalk, «Pierced», Antonov gallery, St. Petersburg
2023 Group exhibition «The encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella», Antonov gallery, St. Petersburg
2023 Fashion and Textile Art Category, Wilcom Award, Shortlist, London
2023 Group exhibition «LOCKED UP», Blind Spot gallery, St.Petersburg
2023 Solo exhibition «UYӐKH TӐVӐLӖ», Blind Spot gallery, St.Petersburg
2021 Fashion Collection, «KIBERGZHEL», Raskroi, Finalist, St.Petersburg
2019 Catwalk, Futurum St.Petersburg, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, St.Petersburg

HӖRACHA clothers and objects are made in saint-petersburg by the designers themselves, embroidery is also produced in the studio in chuvashia.