Collar with roses

One summer, we stayed with relatives in a Chuvash village, and, one day, we heard music coming from the street, so we looked out the window and saw a marvellousl procession: dancing women in bright dresses, men playing musical instruments. We joined the parade, which ended on the edge of the village. A festival began.

We were a bit shy to participate in the circle dances, so we went to see an exhibition of works by village women. Our attention was immediately drawn to the embroidery - on paintings, pillowcases, and other household items, there were completely surreal, almost otherworldly still lifes with flowers and animals. Perhaps part of this effect was achieved through color - extremely vibrant, sometimes even neon.

Several years later, we created a series of collars decorated with cross-stitch embroidery in the spirit of the works we saw at that festival. The process of creating these works was like an exploration for us - we are very interested in the transformations that can occur in folk art over time, but also as a way to find an entrance into the "beyond".